Human experience designer, mobile dreamer, sound shaman

A little about me...

I'm a graduate from the Design track at the Boston Startup Institute as well as a former apprentice at the bloody brilliant Boston UX firm Fresh Tilled Soil. With my skillset of UX strategy, HTML/CSS chops, and rapid-prototyping, I'm ready to adventure deeper into the world of UX design. I spent my academic years diving into the realm of Psychology and I've spent my post-grad years blending my knowledge of human experience with the digital world. I just moved back to Seattle and am awaiting my next big adventure! P.S. I love music and created a sweet blog for the music I love called Relaux.

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.

Some examples of my work...

  • MBTA Site Redesign

    A revolutionary new way to interact with the Boston Metro service. Researched, sketched, and prototyped a responsive new site. Click for full write-up.

    'DJ With Friends' design process

    Designing for mobile is quickly becoming the next UX wave. In this piece I walk through my strategy for designing a slick music-sharing app.

    The Nursery Project

    A design story about my remarkable 2012 trip to Ghana. Alongside a team of incredible cocoa farmers, I managed to inspire, plan, and build a sustainable cocoa nursury, that is still flourishing today.

I also enjoy photography...

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